In short, I love my work.


My name is Stefan Osadzinski, my company is Future Sound Amsterdam, which offers a wide spectrum of audio services and facilities for the audiovisual and media world. My main passions in life have long been music and humanitarian issues. In the past, these two paths have run parallel to each other, but during the last ten years I’ve been combining them in work for Unicef, IUCN, World Water Forum, Terre des Hommes and Giro 555, along with other less prominent organisations.


I’ve stood on many a festival stage as an artist, atop many a mountain, in boats, jungles, helicopters and cities as a sound recordist, but I’ve also spent many happy hours in the studio, striving to translate the emotions that are portrayed by images into sound and music, for TV, commercials, corporate films, documentaries, short films, and installations. Besides thus ensuring that I’ve led a varied and active life, I’ve found that my experience in these various disciplines has always helped me to have a broader understanding and overview of any project I’m working on, and to think logically and creatively about the process involved in making the end product. I’m told that I’m a pleasant, polite, experienced and friendly travel companion. In short, I love my work.