Music composition and sound design :

Custom made music, soundscapes and foley backgrounds specifically composed for your project.


Music consultancy :

When time or budget are an issue, I can choose and source music for your project from either my own archives or a network of library music partners.


Voice-Over recording

& Audio Post-Production :

The studio in Amsterdam Noord is located between a boat harbour and a forest, with free parking-yet it’s only 8 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station.

There’s a voiceover booth with video, protools HD, an extensive sfx library and a conference table that seats eight to ten people, with a flat screen display and an excellent sound system for presentations.

I have a voice talent database built up over the past 15 years.

Drop by and have a look and listen.


Audio restoration :

A lot of  audio is, quite simply put, badly recorded. Interviews recorded on dslr microphones too far away from the subject, even iphones, noise, hums, crackles, wind rumble and distortion, wrong levels, etc. Stuff happens,time is often short, and we are only human. Sometimes there are no alternative recordings to use. In most cases, there are improvements to be made. I use industry standard waves and Izotope restoration tools, and these can help a lot.


Localization :

Re-recording voices in Dutch / German / English to video and timecode.

Sound for photographers / videographers :

There are an increasing number of talented photographers who are expanding into video production, but who are yet to develop their audio skills or who prefer not to work as camjo's on their projects so as to be able to focus fully on the image side of things. I’ve worked with many over the last few years, and can offer a full audio service ( from location recording to the finished audio posted, underscored product ).If you have already recorded a project,  please read the audio restoration / post production sections should you need to.


— ENG equipment :

( Sound devices 744T / 302 / audio ltd / sennheiser mkh 50 / 60 booms /Hawkwoods power / EV RE50 / Shure sm57 interview mics / camera snake /sennheiser hd25 headphones ). All in a bag with shoulder strap or chest brace, and ready to roll. Tried and tested around the world in extreme conditions, dual media realtime recording, bulletproof :) )


— P.A. equipment :

CODA PW12A + 4 x K189 satellites-small, discreet, high-end sound system for conferences / rooms up to 250 people. Sounds amazing for music too, and is unbelievably powerful for its size. Fits comfortably in a station car.


RCF 725A active speakers (pair)- suitable for small to medium sized parties, complete with double cd player, mic, 2 active jbl d.j.booth monitors ( can also be used as additional front of house speakers ) and 2 led sound-to-light par lights. Great for conferences / private parties / presentations ( up to 250 people ).


Either sets can be rented with additional table mics or wireless headsets /lavalier mics.


All rental equipment can be optionally delivered, built up, or operated on location.


In addition to dialogue and foley recording for documentary / commercial / TV and ENG, I also have facilities for multitrack location recording, with a gorgeous array of microphones to match.